The latest fashion accessories to complement your home in 2020

Your home is your haven! It is the space where you do not have any inhibitions, where you have the freedom to walk around barefooted or without underwear, where you are under no obligation or pressure to act right or talk right. The home should be a safe space of comfort and convenience for the inhabitants, and one of the things that makes the home functional space is the choice of house furniture. A bachelor’s pad will have a piece of different furniture set from a family home, and even family homes have a hierarchy as the children grow into adults and their needs evolve.

Getting the right furniture might not be easy for individuals as it requires a level of commitment, time and even expertise. Some people might decide to purchase their furniture themselves as part of family activities, while some others require the services of interior decorators and service providers like AyMA Home Services to get the professional touch to any look they might desire. Others yet might decide that they need home improvement services to meet their rise in status or change in preferences.

A beautifully designed home not only gives the owner a sense of pride, but it also aids productivity and clarity of mind if everything is placed in the right and beautiful place. Here are a few fashion accessories to complement the home in 2020 are

Ethnic fabric-covered pieces like pillows and headrests: These can be decorative cushions made with Oriental fabric and patterns, African or even Continental. Be sure to coordinate the colours of the accessories with the walls, the furniture and the blinds to get a ‘put-together’ look.

Vases and Baskets: If you are going for the modernist look, you might want to consider the use of baskets instead of flower vases, holders or ornamental products. For the more continental look, however, you can do beautifully designed ceramic or glass vases for the delicate finish.

Wall artWall art can add class to an otherwise plain space by commanding attention and serving as a conversation starter. There are different collections to choose from – abstracts, nature painting, photography, sculptures, posters and even tapestries. Other types of wall art are made with mirror, wood, metals, canvas and other raw materials. Artistically designed wall art adds glamour to any space.

Storage: Did you know that you could turn your storage space into a fashion statement to complement your home? When you ensure that everything is properly stored in elegantly designed storage products, you merge fashion and functionality into your home. Examples include Magazine Racks, Coat Stands, Leather Chests, shelf, bin and showcase among others.

Draught Excluders and Doorstops: Doorstops are important to hold doors in place as you move around different places within the home. It can be made with wood, designed into little animals or shapes.

Indoor Flower Pots and Planters: You can never go wrong with well-coordinated pots and planters for indoor spaces. It not only improves the ambience of the home, but it also improves the quality of air in the home as the plants use up the carbon monoxide and release oxygen. A win-win.

Waste Bin: Have you suffered many-a-headache for the need for a waste bin conveniently placed within reach, but been unable to do so because it will be considered tacky? Suffer no more, as various artistically designed waste bins, can be placed at various locations across the home without reducing the beauty of the space. Rather, such can be viewed as part of the decoration.

Lighting: Decorative lighting are in this season. Chandeliers, wall lights, floor lamps, table lamps, etc are all designed to be fashionable accessories to any space where they are placed.