The Advantages of Installing Granite Ceramic at Home

Marble, vinyl, concrete, wood, and granite ceramics are choices for coating the surface of a home floor. Using marble floors at home is too expensive, ceramic floors are too ordinary, whereas wooden floors require extra care. If you face those problems, try granite ceramics.

Compared to other flooring materials, granite ceramics have a variety of advantages that make it feasible to install in homes. What are the benefits of using granite ceramics at home?

Advantages of Using Granite Ceramics in Residential Buildings

Not only has an attractive and beautiful appearance, but this granite ceramic also has several benefits for you.

1. Ceramic granite is no less luxurious than marble

Marble floors are the mainstay of many people to create a luxurious impression. However, the purchase price and maintenance of marble floors are relatively high. Well, if you want to have a house with a luxurious impression, but only have a limited budget, try granite ceramics. Granite ceramics can create a feeling of luxury and elegance, similar to marble ceramics.

The luxurious impression of granite ceramics comes from the image of natural stone and its glossy surface. The choice of motifs and limited colors is not a problem. This ceramic is suitable for the bathroom or bedroom. For those of you who are looking for affordable white bathroom tiles, you can buy them at Amber Tiles

2. Ceramic granite has high strut strength

Granite ceramics are processed at 1230 degrees Celsius and pressed with 7200 PH. It makes granite ceramics very strong to support heavy loads. According to the trial results, granite ceramics can support loads up to 500 kg per square meter.

Thus, it allows you to place furniture and other heavy equipment on the granite-coated ceramic surface.

3. Ceramic granite is very durable

Granite ceramics are durable for a long period. Thanks to its power, and also thanks to its anti-scratch coating. Granite does have a rough texture, but after processing it into granite ceramics, the surface becomes shiny, flat, and more durable.