How to Overcome the Leaking Roof

The roof of the house is a protection from the heat of the sun and the rain. The leaking roof would be a huge problem for your comfort at home. Especially if you live alone and away from the crowd. You have no choice but to repair it alone. Here’s how to deal with a leaky roof:

Check the Tile Position

A leaky roof could happen due to improper roof tile position. To overcome the sagging tile, you can install nails on the battens located underneath. This nail serves to hold the tile from falling. Also, make sure the slope of the roof is at 30-40 degrees for ceramic tiles. For asbestos, the waves need at least 15 degrees and make sure to replace the cracked tile. Clean the roof from dirt, because sand and moss could make your tile crack. If you need roof installation services, Southern Cross Roofing can help you. They are a slate roof repairs Sydney that has a variety of quality tiles, and they are ready to help you with leaking problems.

Install Plastic Under The Roof

Before installing the roof you can coat the bottom with plastic. After installing the foundation wood, then proceed with a plastic coat under the roof. This plastic can protect you from raindrops or rubbish coming from the narrow gaps. This method is commonly found in several executive houses.

Clean the gutters

Dirty gutters can trigger leakage on the roof. The gutters often have clogged leaves on top of it. For that, you need to clean it routinely and do not let this dry leaf litter pile up for long. Clean the rubbish because it would clog the flow of rainwater from the roof of the house.

Repair the Leaking Pipes

If a roof leak occurs due to a leaky channel, then you should repair them immediately. Keep in mind that a leaky water pipe will erode your roof. The damaged pipe would cause the dirt and dust piled up.