Characteristics of Irrational Medicine

many practices missused the function of medicine. However, this usually not realized by clinicians. This can happen because almost every clinician always says that treatment is an art; every doctor has the right to determine the type of medicine that is appropriate for the patient. Here are some irrational medicine case that often found in the society:

1. Overprescribing

Overprescribing is giving a medicine that is not needed for the disease in question. Example: giving antibiotics to non-pneumonia ARI (commonly caused by viruses).

2. Underprescribing

Underprescribing is giving medicines less than necessary, both in terms of dosage, amount, and duration of administration. Non-prescription medicines needed for illness are also included in this category. Example: do not give ORS to children who clearly suffer from diarrhea.

3. Multiple Prescribing

Multiple prescribing happened when you get several medicines for one indication of the same disease. Examples: compound medication pharmacy for children with cold coughs is contain of amoxicillin, paracetamol, glycerilguaiacolate, dexamethasone, CTM, and luminal.

4. Incorrect prescribing

Incorrect prescribing include the administration of medication for the wrong indication. It certainly able to give a greater risk of side effects. Example: prescribe mefenamic acid for fever, instead of safer paracetamol.

5. The use of expensive drugs, while similar drugs with the same quality and cheaper prices are available

Example: The tendency to prescribe branded medicines that are relatively expensive when generic medicines with the same benefits and safety and lower prices are available.

6. The use of medicines that have not been scientifically proven benefits and safety

Example: Prescribing medicines without thinking of the long-term safety.

7. The use of medicines that will clearly affect the habits

Example: The habit of injecting roborant (vitamins and minerals) in an adult patient will further encourage the patient to always ask for an injection if they come with the same complaint.

Those are some information about the characteristics of irrational medicines use. It’s a good idea to double-check the prescription at a pharmacist or other expert. If you need some vitamins or medicine for your health, you can contact Chittaway Pharmacy, Your Local Compound Chemist. You can also visit the website at